From the earliest days of Krister Flodin’s life, the dream of becoming an artist was ever-present. A childhood spent envisioning a world of color and form led naturally to a career in illustration, where Krister honed his skills for three decades. With a rich and varied portfolio spanning 30 years, Krister has built a reputation as a skilled illustrator, bringing countless stories and concepts to vivid life through his meticulous and imaginative work.

Today, Krister embarks on a new chapter, returning to his first love: painting fine art. Embracing the freedom and depth of this medium, his art is now a compelling blend of figurative elements infused with abstract influences. This unique combination allows him to explore the interplay between form and spontaneity, capturing the essence of his subjects in a way that is both precise and profoundly expressive.

The subject matter in Krister’s paintings is wonderfully diverse, reflecting a deep curiosity and a boundless imagination. Each piece is a journey, an exploration of how the painting process itself leaves indelible marks on the canvas. Accidents and intentional strokes intertwine, giving each image a life of its own, a testament to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of creation.

As Krister Flodin delves into this exciting phase of his artistic journey, his work continues to evolve, offering viewers a glimpse into the magic that occurs when skill meets serendipity. Through his paintings, Flodin invites us to witness the beauty of imperfection and the vibrant stories that emerge from the dance between intention and accident.

Selected clients

Adobe inc, Baxter healthcare, 3, Deutsche Bank, Financial Times, The Sunday Times, Scotland on Sunday, Tesco, Richmond publishing, Hus & Hem, Nya hem, H.O.M.E, Café magazine.

  • Kolla! Gold award in illustration class.
  • Creativity Annual Awards 2007: Silver prize for web design
  • Creativity Annual Awards 2007: Silver prize for animation
  • Creative review 2010 Illustration annual
  • Communication arts 2008 illustration annual
  • Solo exhibition, Museum of Piteå. 1992
  • Galleri Gummesson, Stockholm, 2005
  • Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, 2004
  • Piteå Konsthall, Piteå, 2005